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I gots a bow on mah head. My buffaro had bows in his car, an I put one on mah head. <3 

I gots a bow on mah head. My buffaro had bows in his car, an I put one on mah head. <3 

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Cheek like porcelain,

begging to be kissed and stroked,

A perfect canvas.

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I love it when you talk about the first time we kissed. It makes my heart pound and flutter simultaneously, and it brings happy tears to my eyes. It’s the only time I ever hear you stumble over your words, stammering and pausing while you try to figure out how to describe it. It was gentle, chaste, and far too short. But it has never ended. It was the beginning of an exploration, and we were connected from that moment on. The way you held me, that moment when your lips finally touched mine. There was no desperation and no burning flame, but it was all tenderness and warmth and pure affection. You wanted to kiss me, and I wanted to kiss you, and we finally learned the taste of the other. I don’t remember how long it lasted. It seemed like an eternity, but all our kisses seem that way, whether they last a moment or an hour. I had wanted you to kiss me for a long time. I almost kissed you a few times, but I never thought the moment was right, and I never knew you wanted to kiss me too. And that night, it was perfect. It still gives me chills thinking about it. But above all this, I think what I love most about our first kiss is that every time I kiss you, it feels like that all over again.

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He put married first, but his friends made immediate responses of excitement and he laughed so hard and realized that was probably a bad idea, so he changed it to just in a relationship, but it still makes me sooo happy~


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