13 12 / 2011

While these are all poor quality pictures, I need some help. I’m supposed to be dressing up in a “romantic and magical” dress for a photoshoot. I don’t really only anything that strikes me as romantic and magical, so I tried on a few things:

1) A dark green dress with subtle green glittery ornamentation and a tulle underskirt.

2) A red bubble dress with a bow at the waist.

3) A black dress with a rhinestone-and-pearl collar and several layers of tulle underskirts.

4) A dark royal blue cocktail dress with black ornamentation.

5) A black dress with gold ornamentation, a gold sash and a tulle underskirt.

Obviously I’d dress each of them up appropriately. Any suggestions on which is most “romantic and magical”?

12 12 / 2011

So, I’m pretty impressed. I bought a little green bottle of nail polish from Ulta, called Envy, as part of a little deal. I had zero good expectations for it, and I figured I’d try it and then hand it off to my mom, since green is her favorite color.

Wrong! It’s such a gorgeous green. It’s almost an emerald, but it’s got all this depth and shine and it’s absolutely beautiful. I think it’s my new favorite green. I’m so glad I gave it a shot! I’d take a picture, but I don’t have a good camera and it wouldn’t be color accurate. :(